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This is the place where I show you what I recommend in order to chill out, take a break and relax. After all when the work is done it's important to take time and have fun doing something you enjoy doing besides the job.

Relaxation time

Cd coverTry Matthew Manning's deep relaxation download, especially track two which takes you through a short relaxation sequence and then a trip to the beach! Get this download here or go and rent the CD from your local library.


Free relaxation video

screen shot for videoTry this video to help you relax just like you've popped to the seaside for a while. I find it works best if you use headphones. This link came originally from the 'Honest Guys' who broadcast from inside their garage. See 'Honest Guys - meditation' if you need persuading.

The link is on You Tube here.



Meditate and stretch

Book coverFiona Agombar book 'Beat fatigue with yoga' is very extensive but I find the yoga stretches and mediation very useful, especially combined with Matthew Manning's relaxation tracks. You can get the book from amazon or Fiona's own website. The book has been re-published with a new cover shown on her website.

Play a game

screen grab of pool gameI really enjoy a game of pool, trying to beat the highest score. If you don't fancy playing on your own, there are loads of people online to pit your skills against.

For this game and lots more free games try Miniclip.

That space invader!

If you are of a certain age you will be into what they now call 'retro' games. Here are a couple of the best.

Oh and use your arrow keys!

Space invaders

Pac Man



A bit of a laugh

If you are easily offended please don't play these videos and especially don't play them in ear shot of children.

Get the 'answer machine' video here The 'cheap flights' video here and the 'horse race' video here.

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