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Web Design

Whatever your web design needs, whether its a business start-up which needs it's first website at a reasonable price or a business which has been running for a while and has no web presence, your design needs can be made a reality. Get in touch via the contact link. We can start the process from there and take a look at the offers in the panels further down the page.

Don't know anything about what is involved in order to get a website or make one function - don't worry. I pride myself on being able to explain what is needed. When you sign up with me your ‘Designer mate’ I pair up with you for the whole project; whether it’s planning, design, or advice in layman’s terms, your ‘designer mate’ will get you through all the necessary stages to complete a website you are happy with.

I only design custom built websites because I feel passionate about not stuffing your content into template layouts that don’t meet your needs. By hiring me as a web designer you also get the added value of my experience as a graphic designer. I believe that’s the best combination of skills.

Take a look at the introductory offer below or click on the contact form and we will take it from there.

Graphic Designleaflet image

There are loads of samples to view in my portfolio and I have a wealth of experience to bring to your project.

View graphic design portfolio.

Technical illustrationengine drawing

Technical illustration is what I originally trained in and worked at for many years it is also something I have used throughout my career. If you would like to commission some work please View illustration portfolio.



Web Designweb design image

Take a look at my web design portfolio and don't forget you are getting a very experienced graphic designer too - . View web design portfolio. Also take a look at the introductory offer below.

Introductory offer

If you are a planning a start-up business or have recently started trading then I can offer you a package which would include your first website, logo design and business card design or first website and six months free website maintenance all for a fixed price. View terms and conditions for offer. Got a business but no web presence click on contact and I will produce a free quote.

Mates rates

There are two ways to get a discount for work commissioned from Designer mate. The first is to prove you are a mate of one of my actual mates, a bit like the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon or the second way is by accumulating three jobs with 'Designer mate' and the fourth one qualifies for a discount.

View terms and conditions for offer.



Portfolio review

Ever wished as a student you could have access to a design professional who could look at your portfolio and give you advice. Look no further select the contact link and I will review your portfolio.

View terms and conditions for offer.

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